Understanding Your Adolescent's Brain, Effective Communication & Confident Parenting (Day 1)

Title:Understanding Your Adolescent's Brain, Effective Communication & Confident Parenting (Day 1)

Duration:0.5 days
Central Short Courses
The Parent and Teen 'Connectness' Programme (Duration 3 days)

This is an innovative, solution-focused support programme for those directly or indirectly impacted upon by adolescent behaviour.  This programme is delivered by Annika Vassel, who is a psychologist with over 25 year's experience specialising in adolescent behaviour, and who operates a 'No Judgement - No Blame - No Shame' approach in training events.

Day 1: Understanding your Adolescent's Brain, Effective Communication & Confident Parenting

Who should attend

Staff must complete this workshop (Day 1) before attending Day 2 but they can opt to attend Day 1 only.
These courses are appropriate for staff with children aged between 9-19 yrs.


This interactive workshop will ensure you gain an understanding of the social, emotional and cognitive changes that happen during adolescence whilst developing your very own personalised tools that will help in effectively communicating with your son or daughter. You will then get to develop the confident attitude needed to construct and maintain respectful relationships with your child when working with and seeking support from external service providers.

Please bring your own lunch or be prepared to buy lunch on campus.

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