Healthy lunches: Mindful Eating

Title:Healthy lunches: Mindful Eating

Duration:0.25 days
Central Short Courses

Target audience:
Staff only

This is not a diet but an opportunity to:

  • Learn about the role of autopilot in eating and develop a mindful pause
  • Create a compassionate mind to address negativity about food and body
  • Become more attuned to the body and genuine hunger
  • Learn a way to enjoy the food your body needs fully and without guilt

Although these ONE HOUR sessions will provide some opportunities to taste food, we recommend that you don't arrive very hungry because these will be 'tasting' experiences only!  You may wish to eat your lunch before you arrive.


King's Meadow Campus

About the tutor:

This session will be led by Mel Wraight, an experienced mindfulness teacher who works and has trained in accordance with the UK Mindfulness teacher training guidelines.

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