Radiation - Safe Working with Ionising Radiations

Title:Radiation - Safe Working with Ionising Radiations

Duration:.25 days
Safety Office
Duration : Approx 2.5 hours
Given by :     Radiation Protection Officer
A mandatory introductory session for new workers with ionising radiation, covering the basics of radiation protection, relevant legislation and the University arrangements and safe practice. The course is held twice a year . New users must attend the first available talk.  Please note that this course is not intended for undergraduate students.

This presentation covers:

What ionising radiation is:

  • How you measure it - units


  • Mechanism for harm and the risk


  • Doses received from typical research work to put the risks into context


  • Legislation - IRR and EPR16 (especially licences and accounting)


Practical aspects of working with radionuclides:

  • Properties of the common isotopes used in biological research (emissions; energies; half-life; shielding requirements and other precautions)


  • Criteria for selection of most appropriate isotope


  • Ten Golden Rules for safe working


  • Decomposition 


Sealed sources

Sheffield University's "Contamination Control" video can be found in sections on this page - http://nottingham.ac.uk/safety/policies-and-guidance/radiation/ionising-radiation/ir-training.aspx.


Please note:  If you are intending to travel by car to the training venue, please allow sufficient time to locate a parking space and to walk to the training venue, as parking may not be available immediately adjacent.

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