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A question of ethics: the use of humans and animals in biomedical research
Biomedical Imaging in Research
Commercialising Your Research
Controlling Instrumentation using Labview for Engineers
Critical Appraisal of scientific literature 1 (non-clinical)
Critical Appraisal of the scientific literature 2 (Clinical)
Data acquisition with LabVIEW for Engineers
Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities: 3D
Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities: Databases (Faculty of Arts)
Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities: Introduction (Faculty of Arts)
Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities: Network Analysis (Faculty of Arts)
Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities: Social Media (Faculty of Arts)
Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities: Text Mining (Faculty of Arts)
Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities: Working with Place (Faculty of Arts)
Doing Focus Group Research
Drafting a Chapter of your Thesis
Electron Microscopy: Introduction to Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) AND SEM Sample Preparation
Embedding the 3Rs in Research
Epidemiological Study Design
ESRC DTC Seminar: Elite Interviewing
ESRC DTC Seminar: Managing and depositing your ESRC data
Exploring Ethics in Research
Further LaTeX for researchers: developing your skills in LaTeX
Further MATLAB Programming – Make Your Code Efficient and Robust
Further qualitative research
Good Clinical Practice
Good Laboratory Practice : Fundamentals
Introduction to Flow Cytometry
Introduction to Labview for Engineers
Introduction to MATLAB
Introduction to MATLAB for Engineers
Introduction to qualitative research
Introduction to quantitative research
Introduction to Research Data Management (Faculty of Arts)
Introduction to SPSS (standalone online learning course)
Introduction to STATA (online)
Introduction to Statistics with SPSS (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)
Introduction to Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and TEM Sample Preparation
Introduction to Workshop Technical Support for Engineering Research Students
LaTeX for researchers: an introduction
Legal research for non-lawyers
Light Scattering: Nanoparticle Analysis and Raman Spectroscopy
Literature Searching and the Literature Review (online standalone course)
Mastering the Middle Stage (Faculty of Arts)
Mathematics in the lab
Planning your ESRC DTC research
Planning your research
Post-genomics and bioinformatics
Preparing for your confirmation review
Preparing to use NVivo® (standalone online learning course)
Project managing your research (moderated online learning course)
Public Engagement for Researchers: Community, Schools and Colleges (Arts)
Qualitative methods tutor (a moderated online learning course)
Qualitative Observational Studies
Qualitative Systematic Reviews
Quantitative methods for Engineers
R for Social Scientists
Regression Analysis in SPSS
Research Data Management (standalone online learning course)
Research Interview Skills
Shut Up and Finish (A one-day writing retreat)
Shut up and Write
Shut up and WriteFest
Statistical test advisor (an online tool)
Statistics and Experimental Design for Bioscientists
Survival Analysis
Systematic review (Medicine and Health Sciences Faculty)
Systematic Review: literature searching (MHS Faculty)
Theory of Experimental Design for Engineers
Thesis Boot Camp
Using Mobile Apps for Research
Using Mobile Apps for Research - Developing Android Apps
Workshop 3: The Masters Student Voice, Experience and Welfare
X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)
Young Enterprise Scheme (YES): Biotechnology YES and Environment YES

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Dates available:
Shut up and WriteMedical School18 Sep 201918 September 20192:00pm - 4:00pm8Book
Shut up and WriteUniversity Park18 Sep 201918 September 201912:00pm - 2:00pm4Book
Shut up and WriteMedical School27 Sep 201927 September 20192:00pm - 4:00pm7Book
Research Data Management (standalone online learning course)OnlineN/AN/A66Book
Research Data Management (standalone online learning course)OnlineN/AN/A987Book