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Dates available:
Introduction to Policy Impact (WEBINAR)20 Apr 202020 April 20209:00am - 11:00am94Book
Planning for Policy Impact (WEBINAR)21 Apr 202021 April 20209:00am - 11:00am95Book
Introduction to Social Media for Engagement (WEBINAR)22 Apr 202022 April 20209:00am - 11:00am90Book
Creative evaluation techniques for public engagement (WEBINAR)23 Apr 202023 April 20209:00am - 11:00am86Book
Planning a Social Media Campaign (WEBINAR)24 Apr 202024 April 20209:00am - 11:00am94Book
Planning for Public Engagement (WEBINAR)30 Apr 202030 April 20209:00am - 11:00am98Book
Writing policy briefs (WEBINAR)05 May 202005 May 20209:00am - 11:00am14Book
Data visualisation (WEBINAR)12 May 202012 May 20209:00am - 11:00am77Book
Demonstrating impact for REF (policy and public engagement)University Park10 Jun 202010 June 20202:00pm - 4:00pm22Book
Facing the journalists: communicating your research through the mediaUniversity Park11 Jun 202011 June 20209:30am - 5:00pm8Book