Microsoft Word: Foundation of Document Creation
Duration 1 day
Training Points 2.0
Team Professional Development

So you think you know everything there is about creating a Word document - well, you might want to think again! ;-)  We challenge you to attend this course and not learn something... If you don't learn anything then we'll give you your money back!

In this course, you will learn how to produce a standardised structure to generate a consistently formatted document.  By utilising these principles you will then be able to build on these techniques to be able to use the more advanced features of Microsoft Word to produce a long document or report.

You are strongly recommended to attend this course prior to attending the  Microsoft Word: Managing Long Documents course.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Display documents using various views
  • Save documents in a variety of formats
  • Select and work with text in a document to cut and copy information within and between documents
  • Working with text from alternate sources and removing inconsistent formatting
  • Use a range of font and paragraph formatting techniques to develop the document structure using Styles
  • Define and modify number and bulleted lists
  • Work effectively with margin features that can drastically affect the page layout of your document including Headers and Footers
  • Create and modify tables e.g. split/merge cells, autofit column, convert text to tables, repeat header rows, etc
  • Inserting images correctly - alignment, positioning, cropping, and why not to use text wrapping!


You must have a good understanding of the use of Microsoft Word.  If you need help with these skills or are worried in any way whether this is the right course for you, please book a place on the Supported IT Self-Study course where you can discuss your requirements and choose the courses you need.

Course Leader input, demonstrations, and hands-on practical sessions.

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