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Academic careers in Higher Education Panel Session (Faculty of Arts)
Academic careers: a focus on interviews (Faculty of Arts)
Archives on the internet (Arts Faculty)
Arts funding application workshop (Doctoral applicants)
Briefing for supervisors of current or future EPSRC funded doctoral students
Careers in Publishing (SSAGC)
Contemporary issues in supervising research students
Creating a strong argument for your thesis
Creative Problem Exploration in Research
Dealing with Intellectual Property Issues (IP) in your Research
Doctoral Student Consultation
Doing research in or with external organisations
Editing Academic Writing
Energy Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (Energy YES)
ESRC DTC Seminar: Meet the Editors
ESRC DTC Student-Supervisor Networking Lunch
EU referendum meeting for postgraduate researchers
Examining a doctoral thesis
Exploring the Research & Organisational Culture of African Universites
Finishing your thesis (Faculty of Arts)
Further presentation skills for researchers
Getting into the habit of writing (Faculty of Arts)
Graduate School Induction for Faculty of Science PGRs
Graduate School Induction for the Faculty of Social Sciences and Jubilee Campus
How do I know I am measuring what I think am measuring in my questionnaire
How to be an Effective Researcher for Research Students
How to write an Engineering paper
Identifying and managing intellectual property issues in research
Impact workshop for SB researchers
Induction for research staff
Intro. to the ethics review process - for new ethics officers and panel members
Introduction to Research Data Management for Engineers
Introduction to Research Integrity
Introduction to the literature review process (moderated online learning course)
Introduction to the Literature review process for Engineers (moderated online)
Introduction to the skills of teamwork
JGC Top tips
Knowledge Exchange and Impact – An Introduction (Faculty of Arts)
Light your fire: motivational tools for researchers (PILOT)
Locating & getting the most from University equipment
Nature of an Engineering Doctorate and the Supervision Process
Nature of the doctorate and the supervision process
Nature of the doctorate and the supervision process (Faculty of Arts)
Open access for your research
Open access: what researchers need to know (Faculty of Arts)
Philosophy of Science and Scientific Ethics
Planning your research (Faculty of Arts)
Preparing for the viva
Preparing for the viva (Faculty of Arts)
Presentation skills for researchers (all disciplines)
Presentation skills for researchers (Faculty of Arts)
Problems with academic writing
Research Admin Prog: Managing Research Finances - Margins, Overheads and Awards
Research Administrators' Programme: Administering EU & Collaborative Projects
Research Administrators' Programme: Major & Strategic Bids
Research Administrators' Programme: Management of Research Projects
Research Administrators' Programme: pFACT for Beginners
Research Administrators' Programme: US Federal Funding
Research data management (standalone online learning course)
Research ethics and the ethics review process for doctoral research
Research in the Civil Service An insider's story from the Foreign & Commonwealth
Research Information Skills for researchers in the arts and humanities (ARTS)
Research Integrity (Standalone on line learning course)
Researcher Development Planning - Using the RDF
Researchers’ Lives – Setting up your own consultancy
Resolving Copyright Challenges in your Research
Science Policy Workshop
Speaking and writing as a critic (Faculty of Arts)
Starting out as a Researcher (Faculty of Arts )
Structuring Your Thesis
Technical Seminar:Widening Participation
The Thesis Whisperer: How to write your thesis faster
Tradition of critique 2
UK Data Service Event
Understanding your research degree (standalone online learning course)
UNICAS@Graduate School sandpit event
What do I want to get out of a conference - and how do I do it?
Where to Publish, Impact Factors and other metrics (Engineering)
Where to publish: tools to help you choose (Arts and Social Sciences)
Where to publish: tools to help you choose (Science, Engineering and MHS)
Writing an abstract for the EMDoc Research Student Conference
Writing for Academic Journals (online)
Writing Retreat for Research Staff
Writing without discipline ( Writefest workshop)

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Dates available:
Briefing for supervisors of current or future EPSRC funded doctoral studentsUniversity Park21 Sep 201821 September 201812:00pm - 1:30am46Book
Graduate School Induction for Faculty of Science PGRsUniversity Park10 Oct 201810 October 20181:00pm - 2:00pm35Book
Graduate School Induction for Faculty of Science PGRsUniversity Park18 Oct 201818 October 201810:00am - 11:00am33Book