Research Environment & Context
Research Environment & Context

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SciVal: How do you compare? Benchmarking and Collaboration (Online)Microsoft Teams30 May 202430 May 202411:00am - 12:00pm47
Light your fire: Motivational tools for researchers (moderated online learning course)Online Course03 June 202403, 04, 05 June 202412:00am - 12:00am17
Making the Most of ORCIDMicrosoft Teams04 June 202404 June 202411:00am - 12:00pm93
Getting to Grips with Academic Writing (face to face)Sutton Bonington Campus05 June 202405 June 202410:00am - 12:00pm4
Introduction to the Code of Research Conduct and Research Ethics (online)Online Course05 June 202405 June 202412:00pm - 3:00pm979
Preparing yourself for research independence – how to build a career in research (Faculty of Science)Online Course06 June 202406 June 202410:00am - 11:30am9
Riddles of the doctorateUniversity Park06 June 202406 June 20241:30pm - 4:00pm9
Presenting TogetherUniversity Park12 June 202412 June 202412:00pm - 2:00pm0Add to Waiting List
Managing your online researcher profileOnline Course12 June 202412 June 20241:00pm - 2:00pm69
Recognising and Developing Impact SandpitUniversity Park14 June 202414 June 202410:00am - 3:00pm15
Structuring Your Thesis (Moderated online course)Online Course17 June 202417, 18, 19, 20, 21 June 202412:00am - 12:00am22
Research Information System (RIS) at UoNOnline Course18 June 202418 June 20241:00pm - 2:30pm966
Mind Matters: Looking after your mental wellbeing during your PhD (online)Online Course18 June 202418 June 20241:00pm - 2:00pm38
Open Access for Researchers (online)19 June 202419 June 20242:00pm - 3:30pm30
Research Post Award- Financial Management and ComplianceOnline Course19 June 202419 June 20242:00pm - 3:30pm974
Making Ideas Work in the Midst of ResearchUniversity Park20 June 202420 June 202411:30am - 2:30pm27
What does it mean to be ethical and socially-just in ‘decolonial’ times?Online Course21 June 202421 June 202410:30am - 12:00pm972
NHS Research at UoNOnline Course21 June 202421 June 20241:00pm - 2:30pm979
Opportunities and Skills Development in Funding Applications for Medical Research SandpitUniversity Park25 June 202425 June 202410:00am - 2:00pm10
Faculty of Social Sciences Introduction to REF SessionOnline Course28 June 202428 June 202411:00am - 12:00pm113
Introduction to Trusted Research and Export ControlsOnline Course03 July 202403 July 202411:00am - 12:30pm994
Presenting TogetherUniversity Park05 July 202405 July 20249:30am - 11:30am6
Introduction to the ethics review - for new ethics officers and panel membersOnline Course05 July 202405 July 20241:00pm - 4:30pm994
Getting to Grips with Academic Writing (Online)Online Course12 July 202412 July 20249:30am - 12:00pm6
Research Staff Writing RetreatUniversity Park15 July 202415, 16, 17 July 20249:30am - 4:30pm13
Identifying and Managing Intellectual Property issues in Research - OnlineOnline Course18 July 202418 July 20242:00pm - 4:00pm6
Introduction to the Nagoya Protocol and Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS)Online Course23 July 202423 July 20241:00pm - 2:30pm997
Research Ethics for Doctoral Researchers (online)Online Course24 July 202424 July 202412:00pm - 4:00pm990
Making Money from Novel Ideas – How to Protect your Intellectual PropertyUniversity Park25 July 202425 July 20242:00pm - 4:00pm16
Introduction to the ethics review - for new ethics officers and panel membersOnline Course29 August 202429 August 202412:00pm - 3:30pm997