Research Environment & Context
Research Environment & Context

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Course NameLocationStart DateAll DatesTimesPlaces AvailableBook
Academic careers in Higher Education Panel Session (Faculty of Arts)University Park14 June 202314 June 202312:30pm - 2:30pm3
N-trans sandpit 2: Recognising & Developing Impact in Medical Research - Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences15 June 202315 June 202310:00am - 2:00pm11
Light your fire: Motivational tools for researchers (moderated online learning course)Online Course21 June 202321, 22, 23 June 202312:00am - 12:00am7
N-Trans Sandpit 3: Opportunities and skills development in applying for funding (Fac of Med and Health(Face to face)University Park22 June 202322 June 202310:00am - 2:00pm1
Careers Beyond Academia Online (Faculty of Science)Online Course22 June 202322 June 20231:00pm - 3:00pm27
Structuring Your Thesis (Moderated online course)Online Course26 June 202326, 27, 28, 29, 30 June 202312:00am - 12:00am0Add to Waiting List
How to be an Effective Doctoral Researcher (face to face)University Park28 June 202328 June 20239:30am - 5:00pm0Add to Waiting List
Research Supervisor Seminar Series: Supervising PGRs from Diverse BackgroundsOnline Course28 June 202328 June 202310:00am - 11:30am25
Getting to Grips with Academic Writing (Online)Online Course04 July 202304 July 20231:00pm - 3:30pm0Add to Waiting List
Introduction to the Code of Research Conduct and Research Ethics (online)Online Course05 July 202305 July 20231:00pm - 3:30pm21
Introduction to the ethics review - for new ethics officers and panel membersOnline Course07 July 202307 July 20231:00pm - 4:00pm15
Research Staff Writing RetreatUniversity Park12 July 202312, 13, 14 July 20239:30am - 4:45pm13
Identifying and Managing Intellectual Property issues in Research - OnlineOnline Course19 July 202319 July 20232:00pm - 4:00pm21
Making Money from Novel Ideas – How to Protect your Intellectual Property (Faculty of Engineering)ESGC24 July 202324 July 20232:00pm - 4:00pm23
Introduction to the Nagoya Protocol and Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS)Online Course27 July 202327 July 202310:00am - 11:30am48
Research Ethics for Doctoral Researchers (online)Online Course27 July 202327 July 20231:30pm - 4:00pm30
Introduction to Trusted Research and Export ControlsOnline Course27 July 202327 July 20232:00pm - 3:30pm46
Research Supervisor Seminar Series - Mental Health Awareness for Supervisors (online)Online Course06 September 202306 September 20232:00pm - 4:00pm37