Interpersonal & Communication Skills
Interpersonal & Communication Skills

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Servicing Meetings & Taking MinutesOnline Course18 May 202218 May 202210:00am - 11:30am236
Presentation Skills: Practice and ReviewingOnline Course19 May 202219 May 20229:30am - 11:30am0Add to Waiting List
Better Decision Making: Avoiding the thinking trapsOnline Course19 May 202219 May 20222:00pm - 3:30pm4
FMHS Mentorship Scheme TrainingOnline Course07 June 202207 June 202210:00am - 12:00pm5
Communication Skills at WorkOnline Course08 June 202208 June 20229:30am - 11:30am2
FMHS Mentorship Scheme TrainingOnline Course13 June 202213 June 202210:00am - 12:00pm4
FMHS Mentorship Scheme TrainingMedical School23 June 202223 June 202210:30am - 2:30pm18
Servicing Meetings & Taking MinutesOnline Course24 June 202224 June 202210:00am - 11:30am247
Advanced presentation skills for researchers (moderated online learning course)Online Course11 July 202211, 12, 13, 14, 15 July 202212:00am - 12:00am12
Conflict Management (Online Course)Online Course9935
Managing Change (Online Course)Online Course9964
Handling Conflict and Negotiation Ethically (Online Course)Online Course9975
Understanding Successful Negotiation (Online Course)Online Course9977
Productivity & Time Management (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9916
Negotiation and Influencing People (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9944
Win-Win Negotiations for Conflict Resolution (Online Course)Online Course9976
Be Assertive the Right Way (Online Course)Online Course9918