Interpersonal & Communication Skills
Interpersonal & Communication Skills

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Grant Gurus: a guide to research fundingSutton Bonington Campus04 March 202404 March 202410:30am - 12:00pm5
Strengths Profiling for ResearchersSutton Bonington Campus04 March 202404 March 20242:00pm - 3:30pm17
Time Management: Organising your WorkKing's Meadow Campus07 March 202407 March 20242:00pm - 4:00pm14
Getting to Grips with Academic Writing (Online)Online Course13 March 202413 March 20241:30pm - 4:00pm14
An Introduction to Open ConversationsOnline Course14 March 202414 March 202410:00am - 11:15am4
Better Decision Making: Avoiding the thinking trapsOnline Course19 March 202419 March 20249:30am - 11:00am1
Welcome Event for New StaffUniversity Park21 March 202421 March 20249:30am - 12:45pm16
Presenting TogetherUniversity Park25 March 202425 March 20241:00pm - 3:00pm5
Management Essentials: Supporting staff to perform at their bestJubilee Campus26 March 202426 March 202410:00am - 12:00pm0Add to Waiting List
An Introduction to Open ConversationsOnline Course27 March 202427 March 202410:00am - 11:15am28
Presentation Skills: Structure and TechniqueOnline Course10 April 202410 April 20242:00pm - 3:30pm0Add to Waiting List
Embracing Innovative, Growth and Enterprising Mind-sets (Learning Block 1)University Park16 April 202416, 17, 18 April 20249:30am - 4:30pm0Add to Waiting List
Communication Skills at WorkUniversity Park16 April 202416 April 20241:30pm - 4:00pm5
Welcome Event for New StaffUniversity Park17 April 202417 April 20249:30am - 12:45pm81
Working with People Whose Behaviour you don’t like or don’t understandKing's Meadow Campus17 April 202417 April 20249:30am - 12:00pm12
Mastering the Art of Research Communication: Develop your Skills!University Park18 April 202418 April 20241:00pm - 4:00pm30
Getting to Grips with Academic Writing (face to face)University Park24 April 202424 April 202410:00am - 12:00pm0Add to Waiting List
Presenting TogetherUniversity Park25 April 202425 April 202411:00am - 1:00pm8
Fostering a creative problem solving mindset (Learning Block 2)University Park26 April 202426 April 20249:30am - 1:00pm0Add to Waiting List
Cultivating Innovate Knowledge Exchange (KE) Focussed Mind-sets (Learning Block 3)University Park03 May 202403 May 202411:30am - 2:30pm0Add to Waiting List
Press Release Writing MasterclassUniversity Park07 May 202407 May 20249:30am - 12:30pm12
Time Management: Organising your WorkOnline Course07 May 202407 May 20249:30am - 11:00am16
Presenting TogetherUniversity Park07 May 202407 May 20242:00pm - 4:00pm8
Influencing and Persuasion SkillsOnline Course07 May 202407 May, 04 June 20242:00pm - 4:00pm14
Preparing for the First Year Progression (face to face) (Faculty of Science only)University Park08 May 202408 May 20241:00pm - 3:00pm27
Presentation Skills: Practice and ReviewingOnline Course08 May 202408 May 20242:00pm - 4:00pm0Add to Waiting List
The Tools of Problem SolvingOnline Course09 May 202409 May 20249:30am - 11:30am17
Writing Scientific Abstracts (Faculty of Science Researchers)University Park14 May 202414 May 202410:00am - 12:00pm0Add to Waiting List
Getting to Grips with Academic Writing (Online)Online Course14 May 202414 May 20241:30pm - 4:00pm15
Welcome Event for New StaffUniversity Park15 May 202415 May 202412:30pm - 3:45pm94
Blogging: Amplifying your Research OnlineOnline Course22 May 202422 May 20241:00pm - 3:00pm30
Getting to Grips with Academic Writing (face to face)Sutton Bonington Campus05 June 202405 June 202410:00am - 12:00pm17
Presenting TogetherUniversity Park12 June 202412 June 202412:00pm - 2:00pm7
Presenting TogetherUniversity Park05 July 202405 July 20249:30am - 11:30am8
Welcome Event for New StaffUniversity Park12 July 202412 July 20249:30am - 12:30pm100
Getting to Grips with Academic Writing (Online)Online Course12 July 202412 July 20249:30am - 12:00pm17
Negotiation and Influencing People (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9954
Managing Change (Online Course)Online Course9964
Win-Win Negotiations for Conflict Resolution (Online Course)Online Course9969
Conflict Management (Online Course)Online Course9940
Be Assertive the Right Way (Online Course)Online Course9918
Productivity & Time Management (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9923
Understanding Successful Negotiation (Online Course)Online Course9981
Handling Conflict and Negotiation Ethically (Online Course)Online Course9983