Well-being is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary asĀ "the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy."

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Strengths Profiling for ResearchersSutton Bonington Campus04 March 202404 March 20242:00pm - 3:30pm17
Career development: Building awareness, overcoming barriers and creating opportunities (non-academic staff)King's Meadow Campus12 March 202412 March 202410:00am - 12:30pm0Add to Waiting List
An Introduction to Open ConversationsOnline Course14 March 202414 March 202410:00am - 11:15am4
An Introduction to Open ConversationsOnline Course27 March 202427 March 202410:00am - 11:15am28
Mind Matters: Looking after your mental wellbeing during your PhDSutton Bonington Campus10 April 202410 April 20242:00pm - 3:30pm30
Career development: Building awareness, overcoming barriers and creating opportunities (non-academic staff)Sutton Bonington Campus25 April 202425 April 202410:00am - 12:30pm23
Management Essentials: Managing Sickness and AbsenceJubilee Campus01 May 202401 May 202411:00am - 12:00pm3
Mental Health First Aider training (2 day - Adult)King's Meadow Campus15 May 202415, 16 May 20249:30am - 4:30pm0Add to Waiting List
Mind Matters: Looking after your mental wellbeing during your PhD (online)Online Course18 June 202418 June 20241:00pm - 2:00pm45
Be Active (Online Course)Online Course9975
Reducing Stress - Meditation and Visualization (Online Course)Online Course9965
The Law and Wellbeing Conversations (Online Course)Online Course9979
Stress, Emotions, and Ethics (Online Course)Online Course9989
Mental Health at Work (Online Course)Online Course9970
The Dangers of Sitting (Online Course)Online Course9964
The Five ways to Wellbeing (Online Course)Online Course9973
Future Ways of Working (Online Course)Online Course9966
Gain Control of Work Life Balances (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9980
Stress Management for Managers (Online Course)Online Course9984
What are Emotions? (Online Course)Online Course9997
Anxiety and Panic Attacks (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9955
Understanding Conflict in the Workplace (Online Course)Online Course9984
De-stressing your Inner and Outer World (Online Course)Online Course9971
Stress at Work (Online Course)Online Course9987
Workplace Hygiene (Online Course)Online Course9987
Kick The Habit (Online Course)Online Course9993
Whistleblowing (Online Course)Online Course9989
Stress Management - Taking Care of Yourself (Online Course)Online Course9989
What is Stress? (Online Course)Online Course9996
Stress Management - Stress Awareness Comes First (Online Course)Online Course9988
Reducing Stress - Through Time Management (Online Course)Online Course9976
Mental Health in the Workplace (Online Course)Online Course9955
Supporting Others (Online Course)Online Course9956
Healthy Eating at Work (Online Course)Online Course9975
What Can be Done About Job Stress? (Online Course)Online Course9992
Managing Your Own Self Care and Wellbeing (Online Course)Online Course9970
Understanding Motivation (Online Course)Online Course9988
Understanding Emotion (Online Course)Online Course9988
Reducing Stress - Techniques to Relax (Online Course)Online Course9982
Stress Management for Staff (Online Course)Online Course9974
Managing Employee Stress (Online Course)Online Course9985
Mental Wellbeing and Resilience (Online Course)Online Course9947