2. Current Courses available via eLearning
2. Current Courses available via eLearning

All of these courses are available online for Staff, Associates and Postgraduate Students only.
You can access the course materials from anywhere at any time to suit you! They can be used for that 'just-in-time' training need you might have, to gain skills without having to attend an instructor-led course, or alternatively, to refresh your knowledge - you decide!


Available Courses

Dates Available

Course NameLocationStart DateAll DatesTimesPlaces AvailableBook
Maths in the Lab - online (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)Online Course21 March 202421 March 20241:00pm - 3:00pm21
Introduction to the Code of Research Conduct and Research Ethics (online)Online Course18 April 202418 April 202411:00am - 2:00pm994
Introduction to the Code of Research Conduct and Research Ethics (online)Online Course05 June 202405 June 202412:00pm - 3:00pm999
Be Active (Online Course)Online Course9975
Become An Effective Leader Part 1 (Online Course)Online Course9965
Emotional Intelligence (Online Course)Online Course9955
Bullying and Harassment for Staff (Online Course)Online Course9946
Information Compliance (PGTA specific) (Online Course)Online Course9942
Project Management: Close Your Project Successfully (Online Course)Online Course9969
Tracking Progress with Controls (Online Course)Online Course9993
Key Tools and Knowledge of Motivation (Online Course)Online Course9997
Leading Team Meetings (Online Course)Online Course9988
Reporting / Disclosures of Racial IncidentsOnline Course9978
PowerPoint 2016: 1. Basic (Online Course)Online Course9983
Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in the WorkplaceOnline Course9915
Campus Solutions – Placements, Partnerships and Mobility (Online Course)Online Course993
Reducing Stress - Meditation and Visualization (Online Course)Online Course9965
Developing Resilience (Online Course)Online Course9967
Environmental Awareness (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9991
Skype for Business 2016 (Online Course)Online Course9995
OneNote 2016: 1. Basic (Online Course)Online Course9979
Common Word Usage Errors (Online Course)Online Course9977
Cyber Security Overview (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9975
Micro BehavioursOnline Course9765
Disability Awareness (Online Course)Online Course9773
Negotiation and Influencing People (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9954
Social Media Awareness (Online Course)Online Course9945
Managing Teams (Online Course)Online Course9992
Cyber Security Risks and Social Media (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9996
Communication Barriers (Online Course)Online Course9974
Performance - A Manager's Responsibility (Online Course)Online Course9998
Project Management: Project Design (Online Course)Online Course9944
The Public Speaking Guru Speech Writing (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9984
Managing Change (Online Course)Online Course9964
Teams and Ethics (Online Course)Online Course9994
Win-Win Negotiations for Conflict Resolution (Online Course)Online Course9969
Computer Forensics - Investigations (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9998
Conflict Management (Online Course)Online Course9940
Inspirational Leadership (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9990
Visio 2016: 1. Basic (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9986
The 7 Steps to Perfect Telephone Etiquette (Online Course)Online Course9981
Annual Data Protection and Information Security Awareness (Online Course)Online Course8594
Giving and Receiving Feedback (Online Course)Online Course9985
The Theory of Reinforcement (Online Course)Online Course9996
Quantify Performance Goals if Possible (Online Course)Online Course9998
Sexual Harassment (Online Course)Online Course9989
Embedding Organisational Culture (Online Course)Online Course9994
Creating and Maintaining a Successful Organizational Culture (Online Course)Online Course9998
Motivation - Need-based Theories (Online Course)Online Course9997
Project Management: Training & Business Readiness (Online Course)Online Course9966
Essential Time Management Tools (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9984
Word 2016: 3. Advanced (Online Course)Online Course9983
Excel 2016: 1. Basic (Online Course)Online Course9860
Employee Motivation and Ethics (Online Course)Online Course9997
Build Your Team (Online Course)Online Course9996
Job Rotation, Motivation and Morale (Online Course)Online Course9999
Setting Sound Goals (Online Course)Online Course9997
The Law and Wellbeing Conversations (Online Course)Online Course9979
Advanced Spelling - Suffixes and Capitalization (Online Course)Online Course9984
Stress, Emotions, and Ethics (Online Course)Online Course9989
Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Model (Online Course)Online Course9991
Mental Health at Work (Online Course)Online Course9970
PowerPoint 2016: 3. Advanced (Online Course)Online Course9989
Internet of Things (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9992
Managing Conflict (Online Course)Online Course9993
The Dangers of Sitting (Online Course)Online Course9964
Alcohol and Drugs at Work (Online Course)Online Course9995
Motivating Your People and Being a Positive Role Model (Online Course)Online Course9995
Performance and Feedback - Coaching (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9993
Office 2016: 1. Basic (Online Course)Online Course9992
Outlook 2016: 1. Basics (Online Course)Online Course9992
Keys to Lively and Effective Meetings (Online Course)Online Course9994
REF 2021 - A Short Guide to Individual Circumstances (Online Course)Online Course9992
Maslow's Theory of Motivation (Online Course)Online Course9991
SMART Objectives (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9986
Expectancy Theory (Online Course)Online Course9995
Choosing the Best Person for the Task (Online Course)Online Course9996
Customer Service Success (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9975
Diversity for Managers (Online Course)Online Course9884
Decision-Making Excellence (Online Course)Online Course9965
Team Design Characteristics (Online Course)Online Course9998
Key Tools and Knowledge for Team Leading (Online Course)Online Course9995
Identifying and Exceeding Customer Needs (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9987
Bullying and Harassment for Managers (Online Course)Online Course9982
Barriers to Communication Success Part 1 (Online Course)Online Course9984
The Five ways to Wellbeing (Online Course)Online Course9973
OneNote 2016: 2. Intermediate (Online Course)Online Course9987
Comma Usage Advanced (Online Course)Online Course9991
Business Advantages of an Environmental Management System (Online Course)Online Course9998
Motivation and Job Performance (Online Course)Online Course9996
Mastering the Telephone - Basic Skills (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9984
Campus Solutions Financials – Funding and Awarding (Online Course)Online Course996
Future Ways of Working (Online Course)Online Course9966
Mobile and Portable Device Security (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9999
Gain Control of Work Life Balances (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9980
Social Media (use in the workplace) (Online Course)Online Course9976
Delegate to Save Time and Develop Your Employees (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9993
Accessibility of Teaching & Learning Materials (Updated for 24) (Online Self-Paced Course)Online Course9995
Group Decision Making (Online Course)Online Course9996
Stress Management for Managers (Online Course)Online Course9984
Business Writing Tips Make an Outline and a First Draft (Online Course)Online Course9999
What are Emotions? (Online Course)Online Course9997
Managing Conflict in the Workplace (Online Course)Online Course9988
Bribery Act - Protecting Against Bribery And Corruption In The Workplace (Online Course)Online Course9981
A Motivators Tool Kit (Online Course)Online Course9991
Team Working Excellence (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9973
Information Security 101 (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9992
Communication and Ethics (Online Course)Online Course9987
The Mindful Leader (Online Course)Online Course9990
Excel 2016: 3. Advanced (Online Course)Online Course9908
Creative Problem Solving (Online Course)Online Course9962
Campus Solutions – Programme Admin (Online Course)Online Course985
Anxiety and Panic Attacks (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9955
Word 2016: 2. Intermediate (Online Course)Online Course9988
Malware & Viruses (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9998
The Decision-Making Process - Part Two (Online Course)Online Course9995
Understanding Conflict in the Workplace (Online Course)Online Course9984
Consequences for Careless Social Media Use in the Workplace (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9987
De-stressing your Inner and Outer World (Online Course)Online Course9971
Personal Social Media Use at the Workplace (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9989
PowerPoint 2016: 2. Intermediate (Online Course)Online Course9986
Prevent Duty (Online Course)Online Course9507
Handling Conflicts in High-Value Relationships (Online Course)Online Course9987
Project Management: Project Preparation (Online Course)Online Course9945
Stress at Work (Online Course)Online Course9987
How Perceptions and Expectations Affect Motivation (Online Course)Online Course9999
Social Engineering (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9999
How to Avoid and Manage Conflict (Online Course)Online Course9989
Bystander Training (Online Course)Online Course9872
Why Teamwork Works (Online Course)Online Course9999
Customer Loyalty (Online Course)Online Course9992
Minimizing Gossip and Rumour (Online Course)Online Course9994
Handling Customer Complaints (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9993
Ransomware & Cybercrime (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9998
Diversity Video Course (Online Course)Online Course9978
Business Report Writing (Online Course)Online Course9985
Let's Talk about Race in the WorkplaceOnline Course9956
Workplace Hygiene (Online Course)Online Course9987
Performance - Coaching Conversations (Online Course)Online Course9991
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9896
Be Assertive the Right Way (Online Course)Online Course9918
Kick The Habit (Online Course)Online Course9993
What Managers Need to Know about Managing Change (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9995
Five Steps to Problem-Solving and Diffusing Upset Customers (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9981
Building And Managing Your Dream Team (Online Course)Online Course9992
Unconscious Bias (Online Course)Online Course9084
Top 10 Mistakes of Managers (Online Course)Online Course9993
Word 2016: 1. Basic (Online Course)Online Course9982
Managing Stress (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9977
Managing Virtual Teams (Online Course)Online Course9997
Work Teams - Types and Environments (Online Course)Online Course9998
Changing Organizational Culture (Online Course)Online Course9994
Whistleblowing (Online Course)Online Course9989
Safeguarding in Higher Education (Online Course)Online Course9102
Is the Customer Always Right (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9992
Productivity & Time Management (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9923
Motivation - Process-Based Theory (Online Course)Online Course9997
Stress Management - Taking Care of Yourself (Online Course)Online Course9989
Modern Slavery (Online Course)Online Course9980
Motivation - Expectancy Theory (Online Course)Online Course9996
Security and Privacy Controls (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9996
Work Teams - Some Basic Guidelines (Online Course)Online Course9999
Constructive Feedback (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9991
Coaching Skills (Online Course)Online Course9972
Outlook 2016: 2. Intermediate (Online Course)Online Course9989
Project Management: Support & Benefits Realisation (Online Course)Online Course9970
Feedback and Non-Verbal Communication (Online Course)Online Course9994
Handling Conflicts in Low-Value Relationships (Online Course)Online Course9992
Campus Solutions Essentials (Online Course)Online Course937
Cloud Computing (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9990
Motivation - Ethical Strategies (Online Course)Online Course9995
Management Skills - What Does it Take (Online Course)Online Course9994
Privacy and Online Behavior: How to Protect Yourself (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9996
Vulnerable Customers (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9994
Communication and Channels (Online Course)Online Course9991
Team Autonomy and Degrees of Freedom (Online Course)Online Course9997
Project Management: Project Development & Testing (Online Course)Online Course9970
Understanding Successful Negotiation (Online Course)Online Course9981
Making a Plan that Works (Online Course)Online Course9997
Handling Conflict and Negotiation Ethically (Online Course)Online Course9983
Benefits and Pitfalls of Planning (Online Course)Online Course9995
Strategic Planning at its Best (Online Course)Online Course9992
Workplace Security: What You Need to Know (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9979
Marketing the Culture of Your Organization (Online Course)Online Course9998
Motivational Theorists Whose Theories Work in Practice (Online Course)Online Course9997
Extrinsic and Intrinsic Rewards (Online Course)Online Course9997
Speaking and Listening (Online Course)Online Course9993
Time Management for Managers (Online Course)Online Course9996
The Four Levels of Management (Online Course)Online Course9990
What is Stress? (Online Course)Online Course9996
Stress Management - Stress Awareness Comes First (Online Course)Online Course9988
Manage Your Time By Organizing Paperwork (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9998
Presenting With Power (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9972
Decoding Indirect and Direct Messages (Online Course)Online Course9986
Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Policies Every Employee Should Know (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9992
Research Excellence Framework 2021 - Unconscious Bias Training for Output Reviewers (Online Course)Online Course9999
Reducing Stress - Through Time Management (Online Course)Online Course9976
The Public Speaking Guru Confidence Builder (Online Course)Online Course9969
Performance - Goal Setting (Online Course)Online Course9992
Excellence in Customer Service (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9986
Developing Management Skills (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9989
Increasing Team Effectiveness (Online Course)Online Course9993
Project Management: Project Strategy & Business Case (Online Course)Online Course9961
Mental Health in the Workplace (Online Course)Online Course9955
Business Writing Tips Edit Rewrite and Say It Right (Online Course)Online Course9991
Supporting Others (Online Course)Online Course9956
Diversity in Learning and Teaching (Online Course)Online Course9889
Office 2016: 2. Intermediate (Online Course)Online Course9995
Become An Effective Leader Part 2 (Online Course)Online Course9980
Current Trends in Privacy (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9996
The Decision-Making Process - Part One (Online Course)Online Course9995
Campus Solutions - PGR Student Maintenance (Online Course)Online Course989
Designing Effective Teams (Online Course)Online Course9996
Delegating Authority (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9995
Complaints Handling - Turning Negatives into Positives (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9982
Rational Decision-Making (Online Course)Online Course9995
Employee Motivation - Job Dimensions (Online Course)Online Course9997
Effective Delegation (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9991
IT Security for the Remote Worker and Business Traveller (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9995
The Public Speaking Guru Presenting with Impact (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9978
Defending Against Reverse Delegation (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9996
Office 365: Basic (Online Course)Online Course9959
Communicating Effectively (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9949
Healthy Eating at Work (Online Course)Online Course9975
Introduction to Ransomware (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9997
What Can be Done About Job Stress? (Online Course)Online Course9992
Communication Channels (Online Course)Online Course9989
Cyber Security: How to Stay Safe Online (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9980
Inclusive Campus - Safeguarding and Awareness of Extremism (Online Course)Online Course9921
Work Team Characteristics (Online Course)Online Course9998
Stellar Customer Service - Best Practices (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9990
Demystifying Management (Online Course)Online Course9993
Making Effective Decisions (Online Course)Online Course9997
Agenda Setting (Online Course)Online Course9977
Working Safely and Securely (Online Course)Online Course9978
Productive Conflict Resolution - An Introduction (Online Course)Online Course9992
Barriers To Communication Success Part 2 (Online Course)Online Course9991
Excel 2016: 2. Intermediate (Online Course)Online Course9893
Managing Your Own Self Care and Wellbeing (Online Course)Online Course9970
Understanding Motivation (Online Course)Online Course9988
Office 2016: 3. Advanced (Online Course)Online Course9996
Understanding Emotion (Online Course)Online Course9988
Comma Usage Basic (Online Course)Online Course9988
Identifying the Causes of Conflict (Online Course)Online Course9993
Visio 2016: 2. Intermediate (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9997
Reducing Stress - Techniques to Relax (Online Course)Online Course9982
Stress Management for Staff (Online Course)Online Course9974
Managing Employee Stress (Online Course)Online Course9985
Conducting Effective Meetings (Online Course)Online Course9984
Put On Your Manager's Hat (Online Course)Online Course9995
Communication Skills all Managers Must Master (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9983
Privacy: Get to Know the Basics (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9997
Mental Wellbeing and Resilience (Online Course)Online Course9947
Harassment & Bullying at Work (Online Course with Assessment)Online Course9963
Leadership versus Management (Online Course)Online Course9987
Embracing Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion at the University of Nottingham (Online Course)Online Course7612
Health and Safety Induction (Online Course)Online Course7359
Fire Safety (Online Course)Online Course7497